Growing good food for you






What are our growing practices?

We use biodynamic growing practices. We work with nature to grow healthy, strong plants. We plant with the currents of the moon. We leave part of our land fallow and grow cover crops on the land to replenish nutrients.  We also use crop rotations, compost and minerals to revitalize our soils.  We have been farming on this land for five years and every year we do a soil test. Every year our nutrients have shown improvement. The land  we grow on has been owned by the same family for fourty years and they never used any chemicals.  We have chosen not to become certified Organic at this time however, we are very committed to bringing you safe healthy food that is not genetically modified and is chemical free.

How can I get produce from Be Well Farm?      

We offer our produce through our CSA (community supported agriculture program). It is a subscription delivery service. You choose what box , what season and how you want to receive your box depending upon your personal preferences.

We also sell at the Lake Forrest Park & Edmonds Farmers Market and whole sale to businesses through the Puget Sound Food Hub.

What box choices do you have?     
We offer a Veggie Box that has veggies, herbs and sometimes edible flowers.  We also offer a Fruit and Veggie box that also includes fruit.  We offer small sizes of both that are designed for individuals.

Fruit and Veggie Box

$670 for the 20 wk Summer Season

Veggie Box  ~ Our signature farm box!

$550 for the 20 wk Summer Season


Veggie Half Box

$350 for the 20 wk Summer Season  

Fruit and Veggie Half Box

$450 for the 20 wk Summer Season

How do I get my produce box?    

You can pick it up at the farm or at a host site.

How do host sites work?    

We will deliver your chosen box size to your chosen pick up site on the assigned delivery day for that pick up site. You will need to pick up your box during the host sites designated  hours or it will be donated.   

What are your office hours?   

We do not have specific hours that we are in the office. We spend a lot of time planting, cultivating and harvesting in our fields so we are not always able to get to our phone calls. We frequently check our email; and phone messages are checked once in the morning and once in the late afternoon, Monday through Friday.

What comes in a box? 

We grow over 85 varieties of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers and a small amount of fruit on our farm this year. See our 2016 growing list for the varieties we will be planting in our fields this year.
What if I receive an item in my delivery that I am not satisfied with?    
Please contact us via email or phone within 24 hours and we will give you the same item, or a like item, in your next delivery. We guarantee our all of our produce and strive to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 

What if I don’t know how to cook some of the produce?    

We send out weekly recipes with the produce especially the more unusual items.   Feel free to contact us if you ever have any questions about how to cook an item.

What if I do not like some fruits or vegetables?  

Be brave taste new things at least once.  You could give unwanted items to your family, friend, neighbor, or a coworker.   

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us or if you are ready to get started please sign up now!